Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The end of a trip.

This stop is the end of one of the legs of the trip. We left one passenger (Larry) behind in Vang Vieng (deliberately, he was catching a plane back to Bangkok, it is not like we forgot him or anything). In Luang Prabang we will lose five of the seven 19 year old (or so, a couple may be younger) boys and one other gentleman (Keith). And four people will join us tomorrow.

Although we travelled together for just over two weeks I know very little about the boys apart from they are hysterical. I didn't get any shots of them recreating Tomb Raider in Angkor Wat, and the battery died in my camera as they started saying goodbye to Gertie, but here is some evidence from my phone.

So, goodbye to Euan.

Jay, Andy, Ted and Ali.

I will especially miss the double act that is Ted and Ali. They went to school together and, I believe, are off to Uni together. If their friendship survives this, I imagine they will be friends for ever.

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