Saturday, 14 May 2011

Khao San Road (or near enough)

Today I:
* fell in love with Thailand
* arrived in Bangkok,
* avoided being ripped off by taxis,
* checked into my hotel,
* found the only nearby ATM that doesn't charge fees (AEON, found here),
* bought sliced pineapple, sweet tiny crispy hot sultana cakes and a coconut juice
* went for a swim in the hotel pool in the rain.

In Singapore I marvelled at all the buildings with plants growing on them. Having travelled up the peninsula, I see that the trick is stopping the plants from growing on things.

This solo travel as a lady thing is brilliant. I sat down in the train from Butterworth to Bangkok opposite a Turkish man with terrifying plucked out tattooed back on eyebrows. He was then joined by his friend and we were all squished in to our berth. I felt super uncomfortable.

An hour later they were calling me “my friend” (common in Turkey?), feeding me chocolate cake and fooling around to make me laugh.

Then, because I am a lady-girl-traveller-person, I was able to ask them for their facebook contact without being creepy.

I experienced typical Australian confusion at the two-kiss farewell.

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