Monday, 30 May 2011

Vang Vieng

 Gertie, parked outside the guest house in Vientiane.

The view from our guest house in Vang Vieng.

I am in an internet cafe in Vang Vieng. Some of our group have gone tubing, which sounds pretty horrifying to me (in no small part because my lovely travel doctor at home mentioned some of the things that swimming in the rivers can bring you. He is not an alarmist and has travelled a lot himself – if you are in Melbourne and need an excellent travel doctor, let me know).
I am trying to keep my feet off the floor to avoid the ants. There is not much I can do about the gentle rain of Daddy Long Legs from the ceiling. I can hear Friends playing nearby, Monica is upset about something and her voice is … penetrating.
If you walk out side and look up the road, there are more of those improbable mountains that look like they've been drawn by a kid. Bursting up from a flat horizon. I have tried taking a photo, but have neither the skill nor the camera to manage anything decent.


Jennifer said...

You're doing well ... and giving me mighty itchy feet! Sybil was in last Mon. with 2 lumberjack cakes and sent you her best wishes. Enjoy!

Ceels said...

I still haven't quite got my head around this whole travel thing. Don't suppose you'll be in Turkey around the middle of Sept?

Lumberjack cake sounds fabulous. Give my love to Sybil when you see her next.