Friday, 1 July 2011

To Lanzhou

My timing has got all out of whack. The last two posts were from
yesterday and the day before. I have a bunch of photos I want to show
you, but they'll have to wait until we get some internet again. For
now I am relying on the blessed little kindle.

Yesterday we went to Kongtong mountain. I made it to the top of this
one, one of the new drivers, Juan, went with us and I didn't want him
to think I was a wuss.

Last night I slept in Gertie for reasons it is not really polite to go
into on a public blog. It was a lovely was to say goodbye to her. And
I can't bloody believe I miss a truck.

This morning was the last lot of goodbyes. I got to say a surprise
second goodbye to Mick when Asima broke down fifteen minutes from the
hotel and he and Gertie came to rescue us.

We had another long delay not long after. Two cranes were blocking the
way, lifting a truck full of bees back onto the road. Juan made mate
[tea] and shared it. Quite delicious.

Tonight was all about the all you can eat Korean barbeque and walking
home slowly in the dark. Hopefully tonight will also be about deep,
restful, boneless sleep.

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