Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chong Kemin, Kyrgyzstan

We were supposed to stay at Chong Kemin for two nights, but we had the extra night in Bishkek after being broken down all day. It really was all day. The boys didn't get in until about 9 or 10 at night. They were filthy, and I got some great shots of them, bright blue eyes staring out of dusty, tired faces, but it doesn't seem fair to post them on the internet.

I am secretly glad that we didn't have a full day at Chong Kemin, because it was bloody hot and had limited shade.

The photos here are:

A picture of a bit of local vegetation, growing on the side of the road in Bishkek. 

Checking the dirt

A pony and a bird.

Then we have the ponies arriving. 

The one I rode (hopefully mum won't notice that he is not wearing a bit. I was totally safe, it just took a bit of arm power to get him to slow up).

Some children and some scenery.

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