Saturday, 16 July 2011

The bush camp last night and the last five hundred kilometres into Kashgar

The first one is one I probably should not put up on account of my mum, but it was the cause of one of the delays yesterday. They got the driver out safely.

Then there is Coco on the edge of the quarry we stayed in last night.

We saw mountains this morning with snow on. We have to cross those mountains to get into Kyrgyzstan at the end of next week.

I wanted to document my feet.

And my Birkenstocks.

[As an aside, I keep thinking I how interesting it would have been to have taken a picture of each of the toilets we have used on this trip. I thought about how that would help us work out which one the worst one actually was. Then I remember some of the worst ones and decide that it is probably just as well I haven't been taking pictures. And besides, a photograph would never capture the full horror of the experience].

Then there is a random photo of a random building, the place where we had lunch today and some roadside scenery.

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brent said...

upside down truck!!!

your 2nd and 4th toes are relatively longer than mine.