Sunday, 3 July 2011

Labrang Monastery

I had a lovely time wandering around the monastery. It was very same same as the million or so monasteries that Mum and I saw in Tibet, so once I'd looked inside a few of the buddha rooms, I went back to my favourite travel activity. Talking to people. I had my photo taken with twin boys, then with each boy individually. We talked to some monks about football. We talked to a taxi driver about how we were happy to walk. I was too shy to take pictures of the monks, so I didn't.

It rains and rains here in Xiahe today. It is still my favourite place so far (if any one of you suggests it is because I found free wifi, I shall have to look at you sternly). 

We are sleeping four to a room in dorm rooms and have a shared bathroom up stairs that would have had tempers rising on the last leg. The floor in the bedroom is concrete and the beds are wooden boxes with a doona over them and another doona to cover yourself with. The pillow is filled with what feels like wheat. Once again, I slept like the dead. I know that pride goeth before the fall and all that, but I am super impressed with my sleeping skills at the moment.

I am sharing a room with the two Johns and Stuart. One of the Johns and Stuart snore, but in the easy to sleep through way. On the last leg we had three Johns and two Alexs. On this leg, two of the Johns transferred over, one of the drivers is Juan and there are two Andrews.

The cooler weather here is filling me with delight and happiness. A big change from the lethargy brought on by the heat sink that was Xi'an.

I miss the people from the other truck. I keep expecting to turn my head and see Mick. When something funny happens, I listen for Gaetano's laugh. I tried to tell Claire that there were banana pancakes on the menu last night. I have a huge store of inappropriate things to say and no Julia or Orla to say them to. I look for the Alexs every time Asima leaves somewhere (we had truck buddies to avoid people being left behind, they were my buddies. I felt very safe because they checked to see if I was there every. single. time.) I miss ordering food with Irina, we have similar views abot vegetables. But for all that I am as happy as a pork chop. No, wait, pork chops carry on, don't they. Well, I am as happy as a girl in China with a full tummy, new yak boots, lovely travelling companions and a good book to look forward to.

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