Sunday, 31 July 2011

Djety Oguz

The next photo stop was for the 'seven falls'. Spectacular, but I failed to get a decent shot of it. I have to stop taking pictures of Asima.

I took a shot of the ponies up in the hills because there was a beautiful golden one. You see a lot of horses that are either blatantly metallic, or have that sheen to them. 

We crossed a number of little wooden bridges. After the first two, I had to close my eyes.

Ponies. If you love horses, Kyrgyzstan is the place to come. I have already indulged in a little fantasy where I come back here with my friend Jayne and we run pony treks through the mountains.

Yurt and children on a pony.

Checking the dirt.



Morag said...

What, am I not invited?

This whole pony thing was kind of my idea. I'm claiming it.

Ceels said...

The mongolian ponies are all you! And now the Kyrgyz ponies are all you and Jayne.

Morag said...

Sounds like Jayne and I need to meet. As long as she is OK with me singing "the girl they call Jayne" for about the first three days.

Ceels said...

Jayne would respect the need.