Sunday, 31 July 2011

Leaving the bush camp at Chong Kemin and driving to Djety Oguz

A final shot of dawn at the Chong Kemin campsite.

Some Kyrgyz clouds, they do them well here.

As we travelled along the north shore of Lake Issey-Kul, we passed many people selling golden apricots in buckets on the side of the road. It is my deep wish to buy a bucket of apricots and eat them, ripe and sweet, until I feel quite sick.

Brent petrol

We had two stops for photos, the first at 'broken heart' where some guys saw us coming and offered us birds of prey to have our picture taken with in exchange for money. They use these guys for hunting up here.


I was trying to take a picture of Andy holding the large bird, but slipped and got the broken heart instead.


brent said...

best petrol station evah.

Ceels said...

I only just got my camera out in time.