Sunday, 24 July 2011

From the first Kyrgyz bush camp to the Kochkor homestay

 Sunrise at the bush camp.


 Roof seats in use.


 I know I shouldn't even take photos of these, let alone post them.

 I don't think you can see her, but there is a woman milking that cow near the house.


 Gypsy caravan.

 Valley with blue spruce.

 Ponies and small child running (blurrily out the bus window).

Another gypsy caravan. I wish that I had taken a shot of the one where a little boy was sitting on the top step and his little sister was sitting on the step below. She was in a bright pink tracksuit and he was putting her hair up in pig tails. Unfortunately, I started feeling car sick (a first for me) and had to spend some time concentrating on keeping the contents of my stomach from making any rash exits. Given what has happened today, maybe it was a foreshadowing of what was to come.



Ponies (anyone sensing a pattern?)

 Proof I was here with the mountains.

 The mountains.