Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bai Bai China

We cross the border from China into Kyrgyzstan today I and realised when I woke up this morning and thought about new language and new money and new customs that China feels like home.

A friend posted a David Sedaris article about China on facebook the other day and I remember, when I first arrived, feeling shocked by the things that Sedaris feels shocked by. I remember six months of being utterly mystified by China in 2001. And, while I still don't always 'get it', I now find China comforting and familiar.

I am going to miss our guide, Coco. On camp nights I have been in a tent on my own and she has slept on Asima, but on the hotel nights we have stayed up late gossiping and doing girl things. Speaking of tents. I bought a new sleeping bag yesterday. I was sore tempted by the down ones (rated to -30degrees) but good sense won the day and I bought a polyester one (still rated to -18).

The half way mark of the trip was a few days ago, which means slightly under 2 months to go until Istanbul. I rarely get the 'but where did the time go' sensation and if I think too much about it I wonder how I am going to manage.

At any rate. Tomorrow we go through the three check points, customs and immigration into Kyrgyzstan and I will have access to youtube, facebook without proxy and my blog again (and I will be able to reply to comments!). I am really looking forward to seeing Samuel L. Jackson reading Go the F%ck to Sleep.

Assuming I find my computer power cable which, just at the moment, is a tiny bit lost. 


brent said...

don't mean to punish your blog with comments, but this has to be said:

noni does it better.

Ceels said...

Feel free to punish. I have watched the Noni one, now and it was AWESOME.