Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kyrgyzstan. Or How I lost my heart.

We arrived well after the Kyrgyz border was supposed to have closed, but they knew we were coming and I think they kept it open for us. Either that or they are just used to the Chinese guys being prats.

We camped not far from the border near a lake and a natural spring. It was fridgidly cold and the stars were the most brilliant I have seen in the northern hemisphere. I learned which one is Cassiopea. When we woke there was a flock of sheep coming in from one direction and a herd of horses from the other.

We are driving now through the most spectacular countryside. Rolling grasslands surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The roof seats are open and the incredibly cold wind is gusting in around the people sitting up there. I have borrowed the spare jacket of one of the driver and  have mine wrapped around my legs and I am still freezing.

We are passing sleepy herds of mares standing guard over fluffytailed foals sprawled out on the grass.

Marmots are snning them selves on their marmot mounds, flipping their tails and looking delicious.

Dust is swirling in through the roof andis dancing in the sunbeams in the truck.

We are passing yurts and gypsy wagons. I just saw a woman milking a cow.

Some sort of eagle thing is circling on the thermals out the right window and Oh My God. I just saw a baby donkey. Why hasn't anyone told me how ridiculously cute they are? He was sitting with his fuzzy little face turned into the sun, flipping his long dark ears.

Everything is so amazing, I hardly know where to look first.