Saturday, 16 July 2011

Photos from the breaking down day

The first one is where they took the front off the truck to try and let more air through to cool down the things that were too hot. It was too hot to help.

The second is the boys standing around looking at the truck. They had already taken off all the things they could. Many times on this trip I have thought that being a boy would be quite useful for the plumbing and lack of ladytimeofthemonth things. But at least I didn't feel I had to get out of the truck and look at the front of it in that heat.

The third is an illustration of how I felt about the heat. 

Fourth is some scenery where it was hot.

The next two after that are pictures of the road melting. The road melted.

Finally there is a picture from another place that is hot.


BigMal said...

We've actually ridden on a road that was melting - in summer on Mt Hotham. Not fun!

BigMal said...

Oh bother! I keep forgetting to sign that it is Birgit and not BigMal writting the comment

Ceels said...

I always assume it is you, Birgit.

We were gobsmacked when we saw the road.

Gosh it was hot.