Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ara ache, yesterday

I feel just abut perfectly happy. We are camped in the mountains. Alice and I have just been for a swim in a glacier fed spring. My whole body is tingling. I am relatively healthy. They have real bread here. I don't have to make any decisions about anything until at least Thursday. I am lying in the grass watching Al clean the kettle amd Alice clean a pot and Juan fix the truck. I am completely indolent. And thre is some Dove chocolate in my bag.

Last night I rallied enough to go to Fatboys. I had a go at eating mushroom pizza and managed nearly three slices, which gave me enough pep to play in the pool with the others.

On the walk home we got 'pulled over' by the police. We were about fifty metres from the hotel. They wanted to see our passports, which were all in the hotel. They showed us their pistols and started patting the boys down. I kept one of the boys between me and the three policemen. I didn't know whether I was more worried about the way I'd react if they touched me as intimately as they groped the boys or about the amount of currency I had zipped in the inside pocket of my bag.

The boys kept smiling and talking about Massey (sp?) and we kept edging down the road until we got away.

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