Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wu Dang Shan

Wu Dang Shan was a happy place. It was much cooler and full of beautiful things and it was where Jackie Chan filmed the Karate Kid.

I think the photos go: Gertie in the hotel in Yi Chang.
Gertie in the car park at the bottom of Wu Dang Shan (she was not allowed to come up the hill with us and we missed her - especially when the Chinese bus drivers tried to kill us on the hair pin roads on the way up (and I hit my head on the buses about eight times because I am clumsy and too tall for this country).
Sign for the Toiret (that one's for you, Drew).
A shot of the martial arts school (which was probably my favourite part of this leg of the trip).
Me knitting in the, um, Purple something temple heaven thing.
Cute chair carrying
The place where the scene with the cobra was filmed in Karate Kid (it was on CCTV 6 the other night, most of us watched it).

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