Saturday, 25 June 2011

Three Gorges Dam is giving me existential angst

We cruise along between hills that have not got used to the idea they a not mountans anymore. We look into the murky water and think of all the homes and towns and cemeteries and sewerage plants that are down there.

Our ship is a Chinese tourist one, not a Westerm tourist one and is full of shouting smoking drinking fat Chinese men with no shirts on. There have ben plenty of tours off the boat, but it has been raning solidly. Apparently the Beijing subway has flooded.

Partly I have loved that my only two options have been sleeping or reading. It has helped me catch up on myself without feeling guilty that I should be out seeing things. Partly it has involved enduring three days sharig a small cabin with thee other girls,narrow bunks and second-hand cigarete smoke coming in through the ventilation system.

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