Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Bush camping in Shi Lin

After bush camping I am all dirty brown toes and tanned arms. I got a tent to my self and was looking forward to sleeping spread-eagled on my divinely comfortable camp mat. I woke up curled up like a dormouse right in the middle.

I woke in the night, needing a bush pee, and was delighted by the icy stars with the ribbon of the milky way running through.

We had yet another long day of driving to follow, which I quite enjoy, the seats are comfy and there are no dried fish. When I get fretful, I stop and remember spending fourteen hours in a truck full of dried fish in Madagascar travelling from Salary to Tulear, still a little weepy about leaving Andavadoaka.

When I am feeling hot and happy on the drive days I am reminded of being sprawled in a pile of friends in the back of a truck going through the spiny forest between Andavadoaka and Tulear. Sweating and dodging the prickles and denizens of the forest flinging themselves in through the sides and back.

We passed proper little Chinese villages just like you see in the cartoons and lots of examples of slightly obnoxious communist architecture.

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