Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Three Gorges Dam Theme Park

If you are in China and you need a toilet, the ones in the Three Gorges Dam memorial thing are second only to the ones hidden deep in the heart of the Shi Lin forest. The toilets have been getting better as we head north, and part of me is sad I am not heading to Beijing with the others (plus, they get to ride ponies in inner Mongolia, the b&st&rds). 

I think these photos are the triffid things in Three Gorges Dam memorial. The dam. Another sign for Morag. A mountain somewhere. Around the corner from the hotel in Yi Chang. And a church in Yi Chang.

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Morag said...

Dear Ceels,

Please take me to China with you some day.

I will carry your yarn and ride Mongolian ponies with you to your heart's desire.

I promise, no turning over.

Love Morag