Wednesday, 29 June 2011

O! God! I have the Internet!

I don't remember what I last posted. Have you seen the pandas? Did I show you the pandas? Did I mention the tai chi students at Wu Dang Shan?

We are in Xi'an and I am in a welter of upset and separation anxiety. People are flying home. Gertie and Mick and Gaetano are going on to Beijing. I am changing trucks and will be going with Asima and Al and Juan. Will I ever love Asima as much as I love Gertie? Prepare yourself for several Gertie photos in the next post or so. Claire has already flown on to Beijing and after tomorrow Julia will go with Gertie.

Last night was super fun. We all went out for drinks after dinner in the Muslim Quarter and ended up having the kinds of conversations you can only have when you have shared a month and a half of travelling. The type of conversations I couldn't have in front of my mother (sorry mum).

We ended up eating baozi from the man with the baozi cart outside the hotel at 2 in the morning. He accidentally set his cart on fire but it was all okay because we shouted to him until he came back and put it out. Orla and I were the last (wo)men standing and we couldn't go home because he'd asked us if we'd mind the stall for him while he went off on his motor bike. That was fine until three Chinese young people came up and wanted baozi. So I got up to serve them.

I have included some photos of Chongqing. They are old buildings and a woman using a whatsit.

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