Monday, 20 June 2011

Chengdu Pandas part 2

I found that I loved the red pandas just as much as the giant pandas, but the only one that I could get a decent shot of was the mangy terrifying one that was missing half its hair. Apart from that one, they have really sweet faces and bushy tails and (in spite of having learned from Australian possums that sweet faces and bushy tails come with sharp claws and an inclination to rip your face off) I wanted to pick one up and cuddle it.

I have again been an even worse tourist in Chengdu than I was in Emeishan. The only things I have done of note are: go and drink chrysanthemum tea, go and eat pizza, go and buy bread and tea from Carrefour, go and eat rare steak. There has been a sweet little drama llama on the tour this last while (cf. above comment about bushy tails and faces being ripped off) and some recovery time was needed.

Also, as one of the girls pointed out, I've 'done' Chengdu with my mum not three years ago. I partly wanted to go back and do all the things that we did and I partly just missed my mum.

Chongqing next, and then onto a boat for three nights on the Yangtze river. I have even more reservations about that than the pandas. Not because I don't like boats (I do), not because three nights trapped in a small place with all the people bothers me that much (it does), but because I have heard rumours of all-night karaoke...

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Morag said...

Dear Ceels,

Please send me a red panda.

Love Morag