Wednesday, 15 June 2011

North of Dacheng, not yet at Emeishan

It has been several long days of drivng and breakdown and doubling back to find spare parts.

Our skin is covered in a slick of sweat and sunscreen and dust and exhaust and coal smoke. At the end of the day we soap and scrub and soap and still our towels come away grey.

The breakdowns mean we are not staying in the towns that were planned, but in cities where foreign tourists don't go. Everywhere we go we gather a crowd of spectators. People wth phones rush up and start taking our pictures as though we are zoo exhibits. Even buying fruit is an exciting spectacle.

We have been driving through some spectacular scenery. I will try and post some pictures the next time we get wireless. This post is brought to you by the ever wonderful Kindle. O how I wish to sing its praises.

As we have moved north the landscape has become more industrialised. Giant electricity plants and places with coal fire bursting from their centre are strangely beautiful. There is also so much natural beauty. Waterfalls tumble like icing sugar down red and green cliffs. Fat shiny ponies and donkeys graze in odd corners. Grubby children wih split pants are held over gutters. Angy dogs with fleas and lumps and bald spots strut about and attack other dogs.

We are also starting to see the type of bamboo forests that make me look around for Chow Yun Fat.

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