Monday, 20 June 2011

Chengdu Panda breeding centre part 1

I feel like I have to apologise to Chengdu Panda breeding centre in my head. The last time I was here (with my mum) I didn't want to go because I have had some bad experiences with China's zoos in the past. This time I kind of caved to peer pressure and went and loved it.

I didn't get any of the amazing shots of the pandas that some people did, being a bit of a cameranoob, but you will get the idea. It was pretty awesome to see the cubs frolicking and the adults sitting back and chowing down on bamboo. And the whole complex was quite lovely. I got so carried away that I nearly paid 1000 yuan to have my picture taken with a baby panda, but frugalled out in the queue to go in.

The point is the panda breeding centre is not related to Chinese zoos in the 'oh my god get me out of here now' sense and, if you find yourself in Chengdu, you should pop along if you get the chance.

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