Sunday, 12 June 2011

Li Jiang

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We are leaving LI Jiang this morning. It has rained pretty much the whole time we have been here and I understand from the internet that this is the tail end of what is flooding other parts of China (parts we are not going to, Mum).

For all the rain it is a lovely town. We are staying in the old city which is all twisting little roads and stone bridges. The rain disappears as fast as it falls into the canals and pools that are everywhere you turn.

I got a little bit cranky yesterday, but it turned out I was mainly hungry. I ran into Irina and Gaetano and we went to chi fan. Irina and I have worked out a killer mix of Chinese and pointing that results in delicious meals. We both seem to be quite stomach focused. We sat on tiny stools at a tiny table and ate mogu and gongbao jiding. I felt a bit ridiculous with my freckled knees up around my eyeballs. And even more when we stood up and up and up and all the Chinese people who came in after us stared with open mouths.

We have seen the open-mouthed stare quite a bit actually.

On the way back to the hotel I stopped at the little shop on the corner by the hotel and there was a woman there doing a giant cross stitch of 8 horses. I showed her my tiny cross stitch of daffodils and we chatted a bit. I asked her where I could buy one like hers. She wrote the place and I set off through the new city. I found it after startling several people by asking directions.

I think I have attached some pictures of things to this post. Not sure.


BigMal said...

yes, the spectacular photos are there for us all to see :-) Thanks.

Did you find the cross stitch you went seraching for? Very brave of you - then again, doing this whole trip is very brave of you!

Jayne said...

I love the stone tiger. Do you think you could bring that home with you? It should fit in a backpack right?

Morag said...

Beautiful pictures, no less!

Morag said...

Also, I adore the "no striding" picture - partly because of the excellent sign, and partly because it looks so much like BC.

Ceels said...

did find the cross stitch. It should be finished in the next ten years or so.

I strapped the stone tiger to the roof of Gertie, so she'll be with yu soon.

Mo, it is reminding me a lot of Vancouver at times.

Also, I nearly died of laughter over the exchange about the fat line, only it is hard to say so with the kindle.