Friday, 10 February 2012

Yes! but you don't go.

The residents of the abode, Jayne and Brad, have returned, thus relieving me of the crushing weight of responsibility that is two chooks and a dog (and, given what happened to one of the chooks, thank god they didn't leave me with the kid). I have been forgiven for losing the chook, but it looks unlikely I'll be allowed to forget.

I haven't quite got around to leaving, yet. They have been quite kind about not kicking me out. I am here muddling around doing stuff and things. Jayne got me organised and edited for an article I wrote on Iran. I have sent it off with my fingers crossed and I'm now obsessively checking my email to see if anyone likes it and wants to publish it.

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brent said...

the zucchini story was starting to creep me out, but I'm glad it ended well.

Love the colours in your photos.