Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Housesitting, day eleven.

Is it weird that I am craving zucchini? Earlier today, I suddenly desperately thought, 'Can I have a zucchini, now?' and I counter thought, 'Not now, you'll spoil your dinner' and then I thought ????

The dog has forgiven me for scaring her and we are once again having an ongoing negotiation about personal space, boundaries and dog breath.

The chook has not returned and I have not heard her again.

When I was out mucking about in the garden, I decided to do a bit of weeding because areas are quite over taken. I stopped not long later when I went 'OOO deadly nightshade, let's get rid of that' and stopped just in time when I realised it had tiny chillies on it.

Check strawberries for bugs before you put them in your mouth.

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