Thursday, 2 February 2012

Housesitting, day twelve

A splendid day.

I got plenty done on the train in the morning. Hung out with lovely, crafty people. Caught the train home. And got nothing done. When we got on, they said the air con would take a minute because they had only just hooked up the engine. We were on the train for forty minutes before they told us that the air con actually wasn't working in our carriage and we were welcome to go and sit in one of the reserved carriages.

I actually thought I might expire at one point, you couldn't even open a window. I have given myself RSI from fanning myself with my book.

The dog was so happy to see me that she couldn't stand up properly, her legs were shaking so much. I have banished her to her room because she accidentally stepped in something stinky.

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