Friday, 3 February 2012

Housesitting, day thirteen

I write the day number in the post title, and suddenly it all becomes clear.

I sent the dog to bed early last night because she'd jumped in poo and she stank. I did let her out for half an hour though at about 10.30pm so that she could take care of anything that needed taking care of.

When I got up this morning the smell of dog poo was quite strong. I thought 'Oh gross, she's got some on the carpet some how and I'll have to clean it'. Then I went through to the bit where she sleeps and, actually, there on the tiles was a giant pile of poo.

I took care of it and sent the dog outside.

And went to let the chook out for the day.

The chook that was fine last night.

And was now covered in blood.

I freaked out. I called Mum (that's what you do in a crisis, right?). I left the chook in it's cage with lots of delicious chook treats, then took the dog for a walk.

When we got back I decided to leave the dog outside. I may have been a teensy bit cross with her about having to clean up all that poo. And she smelled. And she wanted to sit on me.

The next thing I knew, she had eaten one of the plants I had been specifically told to take good care of. Eaten it. Pulled it right out of the pot and chewed it to tiny bits.

Then she chewed MY plant that I have been nursing back to health.

I nearly had an anxiety attack, right there on the spot.

The chook seems to be fine. I've taken the dog on another two walks. I didn't actually SEE her go, but she must have, right? She can't be saving it up to do a repeat performance, right?

I have given the neighbours all the zucchini and they are going to do a vegetable swap at the farmers market tomorrow.

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