Sunday, 5 February 2012

Housesitting, day fifteen.

I lost the dog twice yesterday and three times today. One of the times yesterday, right I fed her, she went over to the neighbours' house and told them she was hungry and lonely and could they please feed her dinner?

I was going to go to the farmers' market yesterday, but, owing to a comical series of events, mostly involving absent mindedness, I wasn't able to get cash out because my debit card is in another part of the state. Notice how I was not specific as to actually where it is? Indeed, I am only 80% sure it is in Australia. The last time I saw it was on the way to the airport for the flight to Singapore.

Nine months ago.

The chook is well. I have not let her out of her cage since she hit her head, but she has been enjoying all the little chook-treats I have been finding for her.

There were only three new zucchini, today. That was nice because, even though I have discovered this great new way of cooking them with cheese, my zucchini consumption has dropped to one a day.

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