Saturday, 17 November 2007

where ceels goes to Naracoorte and frightens the locals

Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000
From: Ceels
Subject: where ceels goes to Naracoorte and frightens the locals.

I have to type really fast for many reasons, so if I make mistakes be patient. 1) My fingers are burning from the chilli I chopped this morning, 2) my break is nearly over and I have to go back to work, 3) I am in a place where you pay for your email.

I got down and dirty with the peroxide last week and I am now as close to white-blond as a brunette girl can get without blistering her scalp. (Don’t worry mum, it looks fine)

I went to Naracoorte this weekend for a school friend's 21st. Naracoorte is a small country town (pop 5300) in South Australia. The party itself was held at the Naracoorte caves, but after the party we went to the pub. Given that I was wearing a cocktail dress, you might expect a few stares. But I think there was something about a chick in a dress with spiky blond hair that Naracoorte wasn't ready for. Nevermind. I enjoyed the attention.

We have maybe found a house to move into, (pip, lex and I) and it sounds exciting. I haven't seen it yet, but I trust lex, who has. I don't want to say anything about it in case I jinx it. But everyone has to cross their fingers for us.

love ceels

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