Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000
From: Ceels
Subject: hurting.

I have just finished my eighth shift in five and a half days. It is amazing what you can do that you don't know you can do. And now my reward is that I don't have to work until Thursday at four.

On Saturday Em Jansen came into have a meal. I saw her and waved. Every time I walked past I waved at her or pulled a face and I delightedly told everyone in the kitchen that Em had come in and that was great. She gave me a funny look and I stuck my tongue out at her. When I got a chance I leaned out the pass and said 'hey, it's great to see you, what are you doing here.'

There was a pause.

She said 'Do I know you?'

And I said indignantly 'Em!'

And she raised her eyebrows and said 'no'.

Unfortunately it was just before I my break and I was so embarrassed that I ran straight out of the restaurant. I couldn't go back in to have a meal until the end of my break just in case they were still there.

So. Em Jansen has an identical twin sister from whom she was separated at birth.

love you

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