Monday, 19 November 2007

Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000
From: Ceels

Yesterday I moved into our new house. Lex is moving in today and pip gets back from Brisbane tomorrow.

No more Collingwood. No more human excrement and used syringes on the front path. No more noise from the guys next door. No more cinnamon doughnuts from the Vietnamese bakery for breakfast on my way to work. No more flirting with the guy in the Fitzroy library. No more catching a taxi if I miss the last tram home from work. No more watching lunar eclipses on the roof.

Our new house

Oh my

I feel like Anne Shirley when she found Patty's Place. This house was meant to be. It has the sweetest little staircase and an attic and a lavender bush and a chalkboard and a laundry in the kitchen and it is just the dearest little house that ever was built. We are very much in love. It has a door on the second floor, which goes nowhere. It has a balcony and pot plants (and something that ate all the leaves off my herbs last night while I was sleeping, but I will forgive it that)

Anyway everybody is invited over all the time.

It’s a grown ups house and makes me feel like a grown up, (but tomorrow I am dish pig at work, so that is probably not going to last).

We are one street over from the Queen Victoria market and that is just too too delightful for words. There is a little storage room up by the attic and I am sure there is a ghost living there (but don't tell lex, cause I told her there wasn't) and there are definitely elves in the tree outside the door that goes nowhere.

Yes it is truly a good place to live. When the sun goes down my room lights up all golden and makes me happy.

love you

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