Sunday, 2 September 2007

Playdough and nursery rhymes

Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 19:34:27 +0100 (BST)
From: Ceels
Subject: Playdough and nursery rhymes.

I have just come from dinner, or supper, or what ever they call it. I have eaten a full meal of astonishingly tasteless vegetarian spaghetti carbonara, loads of bread and plenty of water and I am still completely hungry. They do something magic with the food here so that you can eat and eat and eat it and never feel full, then they leave all these biscuits and cakes lying around. So good-bye healthy eating for another couple of months.

Yes, it is official, I spoke to Mrs Willson (headmistress) this weekend and I am leaving at the end of term (11.12.99) for greener pastures. I don’t know where yet but there are bound to be hundreds of people longing to employ me. I am very useful, for example my job this morning was to sharpen pencils. I sharpened all of Mrs Skirtan’s coloured pencils for her. This followed the washing ladies getting to my washing before me and shrinking it all (yes all, socks and knickers included) my clothing several sizes, which followed a fight amongst three girls in A2 (grade six). It was twenty past seven in the morning and they were ten minutes out of bed and they were fighting.

The day got better though because after lunch Jenny (the other aussie here) and I watched some quality television, ‘The First Knight’ to be exact. I also got a Mr Squiggle postcard, which made me laugh. The secretary had put it with the kids’ mail.

I went to Stape Hill Abbey with the girls yesterday. It was very interesting to see the cloisters and things and all the old stuff. I felt a bit out of place because the nuns who used to inhabit the abbey (until 1989 actually) took vows of silence when they joined at 15 or whatever. The best bit about the whole place was the fudge; I have never tasted fudge quite like it.

Tomorrow I am giving a class to the grade twos about farming in Australia.... this is only slightly less ridiculous than Jenny taking the class. She comes from Canberra. If anyone has some handy farming hints they can get to me before 9:30 tomorrow morning I would appreciate it. I have to go now because I am on duty.

Then I am going to watch more crappy telly with Jen (While You Were Sleeping) the last episode of ‘Sex, Chips and Rock’n’roll’ was on last night. If it gets to Australia, watch it. It was pretty good. But then, consider that my main source of entertainment is hanging out with ten year olds.... (some of whom know more about things they shouldn’t than I do)
love ceels ____________________________________________________________

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