Monday, 27 August 2007

Nippley weather, a declaration of love and a new name

Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 18:22:46 +0100 (BST)
From: Ceels
Subject: Nippley weather, a declaration of love and a new name.

Today has been a gloriously sunny day and freezing cold. A freezing cold north wind is a bit of a new thing for me, and I keep getting dizzy trying to work out which way is which.

There is not much to report, I have an enormous blister from fixing the muckheap. There was straw and manure spread far and wide and I got in there and moved it all to the back of the long concrete bunker thingy. Open-air bunker thingy. Whatever.

It was very therapeutic anyway, just the blue sky, the song of the weird English birds and the repetitive shovelling of shit. The other thing is that under the top layer of stuff, muck heaps are really really warm. So once you get over the fact that you are standing up to your ankles in squelchy decomposing stuff, it is actually quite pleasant on a day like today. Except for the sound you make as you walk about over the muck, on a par with blowing Haydn’s nose, only not quite so disgusting.

I am hanging out for tomorrow because I am free until bed time, today I did stable duties in the morning then supervision all afternoon. I am not supposed to do supervision all afternoon, but the teachers kinda gang up on you until you feel obliged to do it. Nor was I supposed to be folding and putting away all the girls’ laundry nor should I be supervising the video this evening.

Never mind. There is a tape machine in the laundry and I got to listen to the one tape I brought over with me. The radio is always playing in the stable on some very awful station where they don’t play anything from after 1992 except Britny Speirs and Shania twain. For example, I have heard ‘Good Thing’ by Milli Vanilli twice this week, Milli Vanilli? Tonight, I am going to have a long hot bath. This will be a good thing. And tomorrow, I have planned a trip into Blandford Forum and a good bash on the computer writing to people.

The girls have to go down to the Durweston church for a teddy bears' service. It sounds kinda cute, because they all take their teddies down with them (one girl has 37 beanie babies here and another 64 at home, I think she plans on taking them all with her to the church).

I am definitely not going. Last time I went as one of the supervisors and spent the entire service taking kids in and out to go to the toilet. Then got into loads of trouble when on the way home they all all at once saw the blackberries on the other side of the road and went swarming across, almost under the front wheels of a van. No one got hit.

But that is all as time is a flying,

love you all lots

p.s. I had lunch with the nursery children yesterday and as I was cutting up Lauren's potato she said to me 'I love you, Ceiling.' and kissed my knuckle.

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