Saturday, 25 August 2007

And now here is a brief message from my brother

I decided, seeing as I have a copy of his email, my brother can do a guest post. He doesn't know. I might tell him.

From: "James "
To: ceels
Subject: what me worry?
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 19:30:08 EST

Greetings from your younger Australian blood relation. (james) finally I can write to you because I'm home and because RMIT has put a block on Hotmail.

Home is good and mum is here. I recently received a call from Aunt Annie requesting that I house our German cousin, Ben. No, I didn't know we had one either. I agreed and will meet him next Wednesday ... cwazy. and i also recieved a photo of our grandparents and I understand I have you to thank, thankyou. They're kindov young looking and not how I remember Margaret, but hey.

Essendon didn't make the finals....but hey I'm only home for 5 days and am making the most of it by going to Pt Fairy and that. I read all your messages and surmised that the time you are having is mostly a good one ... yay

Soon you will receive a package it will be a good package and you shall rejoice and smile and stuff.

As i believe you have little time to dally in you hectic pommy lifestyle I'll keep my words short.

enjoy life to its fullest
eat brown rice
always talk to strangers
floss behind your ears
pick daisys
ridicule others insecuritys
and if you meet tony blair poke him in the eye
with joy
James ____________________________________________________________

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