Friday, 24 August 2007

celia’s grand adventure

Date: Thu, 23 Sept 1999 20:20:35 +0100 (BST)
From: Ceels
Subject: celia’s grand adventure.

No major dramas today, except that we are copping the tail end of some hurricane that I know nothing about, having not watched the news. Oh, and a boy in pre-prep got a blood nose, one girl wet down the back of her skirt when she went to do wees and another fell in the toilet, (you see we were in the gym and there were only big people’s toilets. it wasn’t my fault. no, it really wasn’t. I didn’t know I’d have to hold her up. She didn’t ask if I could hold her up. anyway, it’s exeat tomorrow. yeah.)

I have a conker, I didn’t know it was a conker but apparently it is. The girls don’t play conkers with them; they just pick them up and put them in their pockets, and look at them and stuff. So I am none the wiser as to how to play conkers. There is an enormous horse-chestnut tree up behind the pet shed. When they first came back all the girls got sticks and knocked the lowest ones down. Today because of all the wind there are hundreds of them all over the ground.

The pet shed is an interesting place; there are many rodents of varying sizes. One gerbil, three guinea pigs, four (soon to be more) rabbits and at least 50 hamsters. All the girls get quite offended if you can’t identify their pet by name. But they are all called Fluffy or Biscuit or something, so you are fairly safe making a wild guess. And they are always at you: "kiss my rabbit’s paw, it’s lucky", "kiss between her ears, it’s so soft", "kiss my hamster or it will think you don’t love it", "kiss my guinea pig, she kisses back".

I made one joke about roast gerbil and was almost sent home to Australia.

I am off now to borrow a copy of the third Harry Potter book. There are only three Harry Potter books so far and all the girls are mad about them. Can’t say I blame them, they really are excellent. I would recommend them to anyone (even though they are written for the 9-11 year olds). They won’t give up the few precious copies during the day, so I have to sneak them out after bed time. Apparently they are making a Harry Potter movie, but it is going to be about an American schoolboy and stuff is going to be changed. So it won’t be the same.

love you lots
ceels ____________________________________________________________

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