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Step 4 in celia’s guide to healthy living: don’t feed the pigeons

Date: Sun, 26 Sept 1999 20:14:39 +0100 (BST)
From: Ceels
Subject: Step 4 in celia’s guide to healthy living: don’t feed the pigeons.

I have just arrived home from sunny Lyme Regis, which is on the coast of Dorset just before it turns into Devon.

I have had a lovely two days puddling about by myself. I found a fossil called a devil’s toenail, was asked out on a date and was invited to smoke pot with a palaeontologist. All in all a good weekend.

It has been a weekend of many firsts for me. I ate my first kipper, played on my first pebbly beach, ate my first whelk and stayed in my first B&B, and all by myself!! I also learned not to feed the pigeons.

I had a couple of stale scones and so I started crumbling bits of one around my feet to feed the sweet little pigeons there. Every pigeon from Lyme Regis to Portland Bill noticed what I was doing and decided they wanted a part of it.

Soon they decided that I was not doling out the grub fast enough and suddenly I was covered in pigeons. They were on my knees, my arms, my shoulders, my head and my boots, all pecking and carrying on. I am covered in scratches and will never again be able to watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie calmly.

There is not much else to report, I accidentally turned off the hot water in the cottage I stayed in. oops? And I think I broke her clock, although it may have already been broken. I stood on the end of the Cobb, where I am told the ‘French Lieutenant’s Woman’ was filmed. That meant nothing to me. Perhaps it is the same as talking about Warrnambool as being where ‘Quigley’ was filmed, only people in Warrnambool have any idea the film exists.

And I cut my nails yesterday, but that is of even less earth shattering significance. All the children were telling me how manky long nails were and I caved in to the peer (?) pressure and now have short, neat nails.

Ah, it is quarter to eight, I am going to go over to the main house and say goodnight to the girls

lots of love
ceels ____________________________________________________________

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