Sunday, 22 January 2012

Housesitting, Day One

I am house sitting for friends for a fortnight. I will let them know what is going on in their absence so they know I haven't burnt their house down (failure to post on any given day does not indicate I accidentally set fire to their house).

Today there were people filming a footy clinic on the oval. There was an amusing juxtaposition of boys in black skinny jeans with ironic, slim-fitting flannel shirts and men in baggy red shirts and blue footy shorts. Running around at knee level were kids dressed in their team colours. Preponderance of Hawthorn and Carlton.

I trod on a bee.

I lost the dog once last night and once this morning. I turned my back on her for half a second, picking zucchini, and she was gone.

I found the dog, twice. I figure I am fine, as long as I keep finding her the same number of times as I lose her.

I cooked some of the sorrel with dinner. It was like baby spinach with a drizzle of lemon.


David said...

Just Try not to find the dog more times than you loose it or there might be some weird JuJu

Ceels said...

I'm sure Jayne would love two dogs.