Saturday, 7 January 2012


This was the view up the beach on Christmas morning. I took the same shot on Boxing Day morning by accident, and then I have been taking the same view every morning. I love how different each one is.

 Someone has been feeding the magpies, they are tame enough to come and eat out of your hand.

We have been going for walks each morning.

There are lots of happy dogs and walkers on the beach.

Also some poseurs. No, seriously. After this photo shoot, they took the board back up to the car and went home.

We saw two little boys fishing each day.

At our end of the beach, we have more sand than we know what to do with. At the other end, the dunes are falling into the sea, exposing the old tip and the old sewage dump. (It is where they used to dump the waste from the night carts before there was a central sewerage system that dumped it all out to sea. They don't dump it out to sea any more and the stuff in the dunes is super old.)

We got these two as puppies one Christmas (nine years ago?). 

One morning we went for a walk NOT on our beach, we headed over to the south beach. I know! A shocking departure from the routine.

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