Tuesday, 10 January 2012


 Did I mention I am doing the photo a day thing? I should probably put which days are which on these.

 I would put up more, but iPhoto makes it too hard to put photos up the way that it works now and I don't have consistent access to the internet, so I am just putting the same ones up as I am on facebook.

 It is probably just as well, really. Some days I am taking way more than one photo a day, and you probably don't need all those as well.

 I probably don't need to say that I am loving living down in Port Fairy at the moment. My days are filled with cooking, cleaning, writing and getting adequate vitamin D, as well as the odd dip in the ocean and quite a bit of reading.

 And walking on the beach everyday. I am feeling ridiculously healthy and happy.

And I have a rather delightful new tea pot for Christmas.

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