Wednesday, 25 January 2012

House sitting, Day 4

I think I have to concede that one of the chooks is missing. I was hoping she had just laid an egg somewhere and was being broody on it, but I haven't seen her all day and she wasn't in the hutch tonight when I put the other one to bed.

I have had a good look around and haven't seen any feathers or other evidence of avine demise. Maybe she will come home tomorrow.

The dog is looking at me. She knows I am about to put her out for the night. She has been like a shadow. Where I go, she goes. She is rarely more than 3 metres away.

Today, I picked chamomile flowers to dry for tea. There are now more zucchini than are manageable. I was keeping ahead of them, but there were five new ones today, and I just can't eat zucchini that fast.

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