Saturday, 10 October 2009

why are you looking at me?

Date: Sat, 26 May 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: why are you looking at me?

What a week

When there was a wasp the size of Texas in the classroom did I panic? No, I got a broom and brushed it out the window. (The kids thought I was a total rockstar).

When the train was delayed and I was going to be late to the first day of my new job at the newspaper, did I panic? No, I jumped in a taxi.

When the fan fell off the wall, nearly decapitating a child, did I panic? No, I went and switched the power off at the wall.

When one of the boys jumping to touch the roof beams slipped and landed at my feet and broke his arm just above his wrist so that when one part was pointing at the roof the other part was pointing at the door and none of the students would go and get the nurse, did I panic? You bet your arse I panicked. I was just a huge enormous panic inside, and Charles (the boy) was going green and then four of the others picked him up to take him to the school's clinic and I was thinking 'aahhgg, what if something happened to his back' and they got him down two flights of stairs and couldn't carry him anymore, but he managed to get up and walk and already his arm had swollen about three times its size.

The last touch to my week was when in my second last class on Friday one student tried to kill another student and there was blood everywhere and I got hit when I stepped between them.

Maybe I will come home and pull pints at the Stump.

And my advice to the world is that you should try not to teach twenty-six classes a week and go and work two nights at a newspaper. At least I said no to the Saturday teaching job, now if only I could get out of the recording on Friday. It turns out I have an excellent recording voice. Easy to understand for the second language listener. I have caught the knack of speaking slowly without sounding like I am speaking slowly.

The only other thing to report is that it rained and everything has cooled down and I got my first night's sleep in two weeks last night.

love you

Quote for the week:
'Pop music is characterized by a simple tune and slightly mental lyrics'

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