Saturday, 14 June 2008

I've got no shame, nobody knows my name

Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001
From: Ceels
Subject: I've got no shame, nobody knows my name

Good morning, my name is Celia and I am here to teach you to speak English (and this is the part in my dream where I forget how to speak English and start desperately trying to remember year eleven French lessons)

My address here is:
Celia King
Foreign Teacher's Dormitory
No. 6 Xi Wai Nan Rd

I have a phone number too, but I have no idea what it is because I wrote it on a piece of paper and it has lost itself.

Nevermind, maybe the next time someone rings me I can ask them what it is.

I start teaching on Monday and I am not at all nervous (no, that is the girl at the computer next to me in blue jeans and a green shirt)

Everyone is still staring at me, I sort of thought it would stop, I don't mind though, I’d stare too.

love you

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