Friday, 13 June 2008

A bit more -

Okay, so it is looking suspiciously like a craftroom at the moment. I am having some sort of trouble exporting photos at the moment. Tip your head.

See, a little neater, a little more furniture.

This is where the picture of Jem's room would go. If he weren't currently in it. Asleep. You know that it occurred to me that he is jetlagged, and prolly sleeping quite soundly... but where *you* would find the end result of that train of thought quite amusing, I have a suspicion that he would be creative in his revenge and so I immediately turned to thinking of innocuous things like kittens and tea. Not a bit tempted.

Less mess?

See sunny patch onna floor, ideal for basking. (Some yarn crept back in).

Still talking to you.

Bathroom taps still falling off. Toiletries still in the bath (and iron, and dish rack).


brent said...

stored anything in there yet?

Ceels said...

Look, you!


brent said...


but i conceed that you've done remarkably well.