Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Observations on living in Bhutan and a photo of how we amuse ourselves when the electricity is out

The most common smell when walking to school is cow poo which is deeply comforting on account of growing up surrounded by dairy farms.

It is much easier to use a squat toilet in a kira than in jeans.

I can never be a teacher in Bhutan because when something funny happens I giggle, then the students giggle because I am giggling, then I giggle because the students are giggling, then- well, you can see how it ends.

My kira smells like a horse blanket. I think the smell is a combination of the material it is made of and chalk dust. This smell is also comforting. (I do not smell like a horse.)

We eat lunch outside.

This morning at assembly (outside) I was watching the sparrows fly overhead wondering how often people get pooped on.

Today at lunch a sparrow pooped on me and the teacher I have a crush on was the one who pointed it out.

I am developing new waist definition from how tight the kiras are tied. I've learned to blow my stomach out like a horse being girthed when someone tightens it for me, but it doesn't help much.

I really like the ghos that are traditional dress for the men in Bhutan. I've waited my whole life for a pocket that big. One of the teachers was joking that I could try one on once before I leave, but then we realised that no one would have one big enough for me.

I am content.


Nick Bate said...

"I am content." <3

Birgit said...

So pleased that you are content

Ceels said...

Thanks, guys!

Jayne said...

I loved the girth reference :)

Ceels said...

:D I have Greggles in mind every time I do it. Fortunately no one sneaks back for a second go when I am not concentrating.