Friday, 22 April 2016

Hoopoe bird

Yesterday I saw a real live Hoopoe bird for the first time. It gave me such a thrill. I tried to take a photo of it, but I freaked it out and it nicked off before I could get a good shot.

It has been bitterly cold today. It is supposed to be getting warmer, but it has been raining for more than a week now.

The first day we walked up the hill to the school, I was dust to the knees. Now you have to pick your way carefully to avoid pratfalls and thick clay mud.

We got the internet back at the school today after it got hit by lightning a second time (in the two weeks we've been here). Then there was a giant rain storm this afternoon and the power is out (for the third time in two weeks).

We are pretty lucky at the hotel, because they run the generator for a few hours at night which means we can recharge everything. And I am so grateful for the local sim I bought (thanks for the tip, Smathi!), because it just keeps trucking (like a slow truck negotiating a rocky, muddy, pot-holed road up a hill in Bhutan, it gets there eventually).

The students in grade 6 wrote about their goals today and there was the full range of things from police officer, doctor and teacher, to guitar player and scientist who designs more durable vehicles.

I'm longing for Melbourne and wishing I could stay here.

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