Thursday, 7 April 2016


I hadn't really thought about the fact that I would be in Kathmandu. It was just a stopping point because the flights wouldn't match up to get to Bhutan. So I didn't think about whether I needed a visa (I did, it cost $25USD [$42AUD - I should have paid in USD]) or whether I'd need rupees (not really, the hotel (Encounter) came and picked me up, and, if I wanted to eat all of my meals here, I could charge them to my room and pay all of it at the end with credit card.

It is hot, the drive from the airport was past fallen down buildings and slums and the traffic was horrendous and beggar children banged on the windows of the car trying to get me to give them money. I was pretty unhappy, but it is wonderful what dinner and a good night's sleep will do to my sense of humour and I woke up this morning in a much better frame of mind.

I went for a wander around Kathmandu today, but I can't seem to integrate photos with text, so they are all below.

We changed money at Google money exchange, but we didn't eat at Big Belly restaurant

There are lots of sparkly things strung across the streets.

The wiring is astonishing, I had to stop myself from taking pictures of just the wiring

There are temples everywhere, was this the Anapurna temple? I don't remember. Lots of them are damaged from the earthquake last April

Durbar Square.

It is super hot and I am wearing all the clothing and this dog looks how I feel

Pigeon temple?
A street scene

I'm pretty sure that is an elephant tea cosy. If I have room and the inclination on my way back from Bhutan, I'm coming back for it

This is one of the many tattoo shops. Mum will be pleased to know that I didn't stop in

I warned you about the wiring photos, right?

I don't want to bring a mask home, and I don't know that customs would let me, but I do like them


Birgit said...

I remember that crazy wiring in India too.

Birgit said...
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Ceels said...

I can't believe it works. (There is only electricity for part of the day in Kathmandu at the moment, but that has got something to do with politics and not enough rain, not the wiring).