Wednesday, 1 August 2012


 81. 29th July 2012. Currawong giving me the eye. Woodend.

 82. 30th July 2012. Sunset, Woodend.

 83. 31st July 2012. Nearly sunset, Kangaroo Flat. Today was the last day to buy the Drago trip from Anchorage to Usuaia. Also the last day to apply to teach in Bhutan next year. It took some effort, but I managed to restrain myself from doing either. And I got my little car back from the mechanic (I am noting here that I think they did something to the speaker in the driver seat door, but I don't know what, or how to fix it). And I had a banjo lesson. All in all, a very good day.

 84. 1st August 2012. I am starting to struggle with this daily photo thing. I think I need to get out more. This whole working extra days/hours means that I am not going any where or seeing new things.

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