Saturday, 25 August 2012

Reason number 34 why I shouldn't live alone.

105. 22nd August. I have moved to North Melbourne to house sit for a while. I love North Melbourne. For example, tonight, I went out dancing and was home in under five minutes.

 106. 23rd August. There is a 'new' cafe in North Melbourne Grigons and Orr (it is not actually new, but it is new since I last lived here). It is like they raided my browser history and came up with the perfect cafe for me. It is full of knitting, tea, stuff that belongs on Pinterest and delicious things to eat.

107. 24th August. I got to the Vic market just in time to get some kale as the last stalls were closing for the day.

108. 25th August. Kale. I love this stuff. I would eat it every day if I could. And at the moment, seeing as I have ready access to kale and no one to please but myself, I *am* eating it every day. Tonight I made kale chips.

108a. 25th August. Reason number 34 why I shouldn't live alone. Because when I think to myself "I wonder if I can cut my own hair?" There is nobody to say me, "No."

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