Thursday, 9 August 2012

Punch Brothers

89. Monday 6th August 2012. North Carlton, on the way to the Punch Brothers concert.

It was such an amazing concert. Couldn't believe how much talent was up there on the stage.

90. 7th August 2012. This day was so awesome it needs four photos of its very own. So, here we have:

Brunswick, heading home the morning after the Punch Brothers.

Spencer Street. Seconds before I discovered that they were running the trains to Woodend again after a week and a bit of buses.

Bendigo. Banjo lesson. A happy place.

A pretty accurate representation of how banjo lessons make me feel.

91. 8th August 2012. Woodend - quite early.

92. 9th August 2012. North Melbourne Station - the dread myki.

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