Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Dorothy the Dinosaur eating coriander

101. 18th August 2012. I invited several people from Melbourne for lunch on Saturday and it rained solidly all day until about 20 minutes after they left. I took a photo as proof.

102. 19th August 2012. I almost forgot to take a photo on Sunday, so you get Dorothy the Dinosaur eating coriander. And Brad helping with our artistic endeavours.

103. 20th August 2012. I am really flagging on this whole photo taking business. I seem to be always in the same three places at the moment.

104. 21st August 2012. My housemate got one of those painless migraines where your vision goes all wonky. I had one once, mine came with smell hallucinations. Lasagne and wet paint. At any rate. I drove her to Kyneton to go to the optometrist and took the opportunity while we were there to get a shot of the Kyneton, um, statue.

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